Why Dentistry Is Cheaper in Mexico

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There is a big reason why dentistry is cheaper in Mexico. You pay a lot less from the start and the savings are enormous. We like to say it is 70 percent, but many times it is so much more.

In America, your dentist is charging hundreds of dollars per hour for his time. Then, in addition, the office likes to tack on additional fees to your bill. The costs adds up very quickly, and before you know it, you’ve maxed out your dental insurance coverage.

In the US, in order to find out what work you need, your dentist will want to perform an examination of your mouth. The cost is anywhere from $50 to $150. The office charges for the chair time, they charge for old fashioned film x-rays, and your dentist always seems to be in a rush. You get a quick ten-minute examination where the dental assistant does most of the talking.

It’s a whirlwind. And you pay for it.

The dentist gives you his verdict. You need a root canal, a crown, or a filling — whatever. You might have questions and often your dentist makes you feel like your questions are annoying. Or, you might feel like you are rude to ask what it is going to cost.

Where You Live Can Mean Paying Much More

In most corporate practices, you meet with a business manager. They calculate what you are going to pay. They offer to help you get a high-interest loan if you can’t want a payment arrangement. Your zip code affects what you are charged. Not everyone pays the same amount.
According to Fair Health Consumer, a comprehensive exam with film x-rays averages $155 in Tempe, Arizona. In Beverly Hills, it is $194. You might think that is because people in Beverly Hills have more money. But this is also the same price for Springfield, Missouri. It is based on how busy dental practices are and what other clinics are charging.

The Cost Keep Going Up!

Almost every year, the cost of the exam increases. This means American dentists are charging charging $200 to $600 an hour for their time — and it is going up. Guess who is paying these outrageous rates? You are.

Imagine if you didn’t have to pay to find out what work you needed to have done. What if a complete written dental treatment plan was given to you? What if you left the appointment with all the prices written down for every item.

Would you be happy if it cost over 70 percent less than at your local dentist in the US?

At our partner clinics in Mexico, the examination is free.

Why Dentistry is Cheaper in Mexico

Dentistry is cheaper in Mexico because so much is included. You don’t pay for a panoramic x-ray. You don’t pay hundreds of dollars an hour for the dentist’s time. The initial examination is free. The treatment plan is free. Asking questions is free.

What is the Biggest Reason you might ask?

That’s easy. The prices are the same for everybody. They don’t change with your zip code or the clothes you are wearing. They don’t nickel and dime you. There isn’t an accountant calculating how much they can get away with charging you.

Dentistry is cheaper in Mexico because you are paying the cost of the service plus a reasonable markup.
And that’s it!

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