Why is Seeing a Dental Specialist in Mexico Better?

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It is easier to see a specialist dentist in Mexico than in the US. Traveling to another country for healthcare doesn’t seem like it would be more convenient. But it is true. There are a number of reasons for this. In the end, it is not the hassle you experience in America. The best part is that it costs a lot less. Many times the consultation is included in the initial exam.
In fact, our patients in our partner clinics in Nogales sometimes don’t realize the other doctor who came into the exam room was a specialist consulting on their case. Most patients have never had the experience of having a specialist consult on their case go so smoothly. They are not used to being seen immediately and having an answer to their treatment problems on the spot.

It certainly isn’t what you expect. Of course, seeing a specialist dentist in Mexico is way cheaper than you pay in the US.

Let us explain why there is such a cost difference.

Seeing a Specialist Dentist in America

When your dentist in America encounters an issue they can’t diagnose or treat, they often refer patients to a specialist dentist.

Most general dentists treat routine problems like fillings, cleanings, etc. Specialists handle issues such as wisdom teeth extractions, orthodontics, or cosmetic dentistry.

For instance, an endodontist will examine you when you have tooth pain. This is a doctor who performs root canals. Or, treatment by a periodontist might be warranted if you have a soft tissue abscess. This is a professional who deals with gum problems. According to the ADA, there are nine different dental specialties, but some of these do not treat patients in a clinical setting.

When we hear the phrase, “You need to see a specialist” most of us groan because we immediately associate this with expensive treatments, long waits for appointments, and a general sense of hassle. Plus, you’re not even sure they will be able to correct your problem. In America, many times the only treatment recommended is the one the specialist performs.

In cases where the issue is pressing, you will be charged for an “emergency” treatment in order to be seen immediately.

So you make an appointment, pay for another office visit, see the specialist. Then, you usually return to have the actual treatment performed, and possibly back to your dentist for a follow-up or to finalize the process. Depending on the work you are having done, this means duplicate expenses because their are now two expensive professionals, two clinics, two sets of staff, etc.

It is easy to rack up fees in the thousands of dollars over four different office visits. This doesn’t include the lost wages for multiple appointments, transportation costs driving to and from the clinics, and the time spent waiting on hold to find out if they have an appointment in a reasonable amount of time.

You may even been referred to a specialist who cannot fix your problem. You could find yourself seeing more than one, or having conflicting recommendations.

Why Seeing a Dental Specialist in Mexico is Better

Seeing a dental specialist in Mexico is often much easier for most patients. Care is dispensed differently south of the border. This is to the benefit of the consumer.

For starters, dental specialists in Mexico are so much cheaper because they are on site. There are a number of doctors at our partner clinics. Many specialize in the treatment of the problems routinely encountered by our patients.

You don’t need to delay treatment because these specialists are on staff. There will be no wasted time calling their office. There is no need to repeat your dental history or explain your problems to another doctor. You won’t have to wait months for an appointment. You will never wait with a toothache or a gum infection searching for someone available to treat you.

And the best part? These specialists have already been vetted by Dr. Mark. You won’t be trying to figure out if the referral you have been given is the most expensive in town or is reputable like you do in the US. Coyote Dental has already determined this for you. You can be assured that you will be seen by a competent professional.

The dental specialists in Mexico are in the next room. They can easily consult during breaks between patients. The examination will take place immediately. There won’t be all the associated hassle you experience in the US. There is no setting up a new appointment, additional paperwork, extra office visits, new x rays, and another exam.

Because these specialists work inside our partner clinics in Mexico, there will be a “comprehensive” treatment plan where both doctors agree on the problem and the way to fix it. This is faster and more effective as both doctors and the patient are present in the same room, at the same time, and there is clarity of goals.

More importantly, if you have questions, you will have two expert resources available to you at the same time. You will be able to judge if they agree on the problem and the recommended treatment regimen. The time spent will be focused on your and your dental issue. It won’t be spent getting once doctor up to speed on your history, insurance questions, or misunderstandings. The entire time will be devoted to you and your treatment.

Your questions can be presented to both doctors at the same time. There is no waiting for one office to call another, or review your chart. Your need to see a specialist is promptly addressed.

This is one of the biggest reasons why dental care is cheaper in Mexico — efficiency. You will experience this type of patient-centered approach in all facets of your treatment. There is no duplication of effort, offices or staff. It is a one-stop approach to the quickest, easiest — and least expensive method to improving your oral health.

This is the big advantage dentists in Mexico have over their American counterparts.

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