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Teeth Are ‘Essential’ During COVID

Tucson, AZ August 14, 2020​ – Whether you side with the ADA or the WHO Tucsonans along the border have an advantage that many others don’t.

Should I stay or should I go? This week the American Dental Association says ‘Go” The World Health Organization says ‘No.”

Many people don’t realize that during the COVID-19 outbreak the US/Mexico border has been open to people travelling to Mexico for dental care as it’s considered ‘Essential’ travel. The lines are shorter, social distancing is not a problem and it’s easy to get appointments since there are very few travellers. The dental offices in Mexico are taking extra precautions wearing additional PPE and taking temperature checks, just like those in the U.S.

“There’s no such thing as the Tooth Fairy!” says Dr. Mark McMahon of Coyote Dental Network, “We all have to take care of our own dental health. The health or your teeth is very important and connected to your overall well being. Those of us close to the border can get high-quality, low-cost, dental care during COVID and feel just as safe as you would in the US.”

“Patients have to make up their own mind about regular checkups. But regarding urgent care… it’s a no brainer! Safety will be the same and you’ll be saving lots of money. In these times of economic uncertainty it’s a great option to have.” Dr. Mark McMahon added.

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