Pissed Off Patient Leaves BAD Review About INSANE Dentist PRICES In Mexico

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Pissed-off patients aren’t really popular with most businesses, but we’re bringing you this message about Coyote Dental’s clients to make a point. I hate to say it but it’s true…

Every now and then, we have a patient who just doesn’t get what he expects out of our service. And that’s even though we work so hard to tell you exactly how your appointment will be!

So I’m just wondering. How would you feel if a client of yours sent a video like this? Would you still book an appointment with one of our Mexican dental offices?

Don’t be afraid to hurt our feelings, we really want to know!

Keep on smiling,

Dr. Mark and the Coyote Dental team

PS: Have you not called Coyote Dental and visited one of our personally selected Mexican partner dental clinics? Please, don’t wait any longer! Set up your concierge call today at coyotedental.com/smile

Once you’re talking with a member of our knowledgeable expert team, you’ll see how safe and convenient we can make your visit to a trusted dentist who can finally solve your problems.

Here’s the number to place your Coyote concierge call. If you have a moment, why not call right now? 520-355-4800. We’re waiting to talk with you!

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Coyote Dental is a 100% FREE international referral service, offering knowledge, guidance and advocacy for our clients. Partnering with pre-screened, state-of-the-art dental offices in Mexico, Costa Rica and beyond, we connect our clients to outstanding, affordable care.

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