Pastor Jerry, from Las Vegas, finds affordable dentistry in Nogales, Mexico. Saves $3,099

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Do you need lots of Dental Work?? Coyote Dental helps Americans get dental services in Mexico from professional dentists who are experts that adhere to American standards. Many of our dentists are trained in the USA and offer results for a fraction of what you’ll pay north of the border.
Do you not have insurance or is your insurance not holding up to the dental work you need done? Pastor Jerry is a Las Vegas native who went on a pleasant adventure across the border to Nogales to get a brand new smile while saving thousands. 
Even though he had insurance, Coyote Dental still saved him and his family THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! 
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Coyote Dental is dedicated to helping you find affordable quality dental care in Mexico. Our FREE referrals pair you up with the best dentists in Mexico.

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