Many patients ask us: “Is Mexico Safe?“ The answer is YES.

Travelers are concerned because there is a great deal of misinformation in the news. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear about kidnappings, drug cartels, or gang violence near the border. Many times, Americans exaggerate safety concerns. That is not to say, that you shouldn’t exercise caution when traveling south of the border.
Each community has a different flavor, challenges, as well as methods of dealing with crime and visitors. This is why our escorts are experts in the community and can guide our patients in what to avoid.

Do I have to look over my shoulder?

The answer to the question of security may be as easy as asking if Kansas City or Des Moines is safe?

Are there areas of your own city which you steadfastly avoid because of concerns for your own personal security?

Would you walk through a less desirable neighborhood alone at night?

In other words, Mexico is no different than any large city on the planet — there are areas where you should not travel alone. Like the US, what you may encounter depends on which community you visit. What may be acceptable to do in Nogales might not be recommended in Tijuana. There are areas in all cities that you should avoid, especially if traveling alone or at night.

We escort you across the border to our partner clinics or our friendly staff will meet you upon arrival.

This is where having a knowledgeable guide becomes invaluable. We know where to get the best food and drink!

Border Communities Have a Vested Interest in Safety

With over 39 million visitors each year and most coming from the US, Mexico was the world’s sixth most visited country in 2017. It ranks in popularity ahead of the United Kingdom, UK, Turkey, and Thailand.

Known for its rich cultural history and pristine beaches, this land has become synonymous with affordable resort vacations, friendly locals, and amazing cuisine. Because of its diversity and influences from other nations, Mexico has different customs depending on the region.

With tourism generating over 8.5 percent of the gross domestic product, the country’s leaders have a vested interest in safety. The subject of travel is important to those interested in the future growth of the economy. With over $20 billion flowing into the nation’s economy, tourism is valued and promoted, especially in border communities.

When Traveling to Mexico to Visit the Dentist

Robberies and pick-pocketing are some of the biggest threats you are likely to face, Being aware of your surroundings will prevent you from becoming a target. Most experienced travelers will advise you not to put valuables in back pockets. Don’t flash your money. Don’t look like you have a million bucks.

Women traveling alone should exercise extra caution and avoid situations that could pose a potential danger. We never recommend women explore alone.

If you use common sense and rely on the advice of one of our community experts, your trip to Mexico should be a safe and enjoyable one.

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