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Why Mexico

For Your Dental Work?


We’ve helped thousands of people just like you safely receive high quality dental care in Mexico. There’s no need for you to worry. Our exclusive dental offices are certified and pre-screened by a second-generation American dentist. And all of the offices maintain high standards of sterilization.


Coyote Dental has helped thousands of people save up to 70% on their dental needs. Our dentists often diagnose different treatments then what people have been told by their dentist at home resulting in less trauma on the tooth and less money out of pocket.


Our trusted dental offices have state-of-the-art technology often far surpassing that found in American dental offices. Using this technology, some procedures can be completed in a single visit avoiding follow up appointments.


Coyote Dental visits each and every dentist in our network to ensure they meet our high standards for quality of work, cleanliness, sterilization, training and staying ahead of the curve with technology. Our dentists have some of the most advanced dental equipment in the world.

Why join the livestream?

You Deserve A Beautiful Smile You Can Afford!

Your teeth are not a luxury, they’re a fundamental part of your quality of life. Don’t put off getting the work you need because of high prices at American dentists. Learn how Americans are getting beautiful smiles, chewing their favorite foods, and enjoying life more, all at facilities that are clean, high-tech, and professional!

 If you’ve ever wondered if getting your teeth treated across the border, don’t wait any longer. Register now!

All questions will be answered and more. Coyote Dental is your passport to a healthy smile.

Why Trust US

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Coyote Dental Is Dedicated

To Helping You Find Affordable, Quality Dental Care In Mexico.

Dental care is expensive and can be virtually unaffordable for people with and without insurance. This is why Coyote Dental provides quality, free pre-screened referrals, allowing you to save up to 70% on your dental care.

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