Cheap Dental Care in Mexico: Why is it 70% Less than the US?

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Many patients wonder why dental care is so cheap in Mexico when the work is comparable to treatment in the US.

Even though the prices vary, most who are willing to venture south of the border can expect to save 70% or more on their dental care in Mexico.

If the Care is the Same (or better), Then Why is the Price So Much Cheaper?

Some individuals are concerned, and that’s a fair to think so. Americans tend to equate lower cost with lower quality, and “Bargain” is often a negative term.

We think it is too good to be true. So many people will assume that the dental care will always be substandard, or the materials used will be an off brand. That’s not the case with our qualified partner clinics where we make sure that the highest standards of care and quality are commonplace. Read about Shelly’s experience at the Dentist in Mexico.

Of course, we all know the cost of living in Mexico is significantly lower than the US as well as the price of establishing and operating a practice, hiring staff, and paying wages. The clinics we refer to hire the best assistants and office workers because labor costs are so much less than in the States. In addition, there are fewer onerous laws, insurance requirements and taxes to pay. Even items not related directly to patient care are also less expensive.

Who benefits from those savings? In America, the investors profit. Whereas in Mexico, the patients benefit.

Economics Means Cheaper Dental Care in Mexico

The real savings come from the cost of materials as well as supplies. You get a boost toward that 70 percent not only on the dentist’s expertise, but on dental supplies used in treatment. This includes items such as mouth guards, anesthetics, porcelain for crowns and titanium implants.

It all adds up.

Another benefit is that the dental clinics we partner with, they have specialists on site. You don’t need to schedule a second appointment and return for further treatment (paying for additional office visits). In America, you pay to see anyone other than your own doctor. This is not the case at the dentists in Mexico.

One issue rarely discussed is that “nickel and dime” approach in American practices. For example, an examination and consultation in Mexico is usually free. Whereas in America, you will pay for office visits which generally cost about $150 and most dentists will charge well over $100 for most second opinions.

Don’t Assume it’s Affordable Because of a Lack of Training

You may wonder why American dentists have to charge so much. It would be easier to ask why dentists in Mexico charge so reasonably. The answer shouldn’t surprise you. It’s the outrageous student loans.

The average private dental student in America will incur close to $300,000 in debt to cover tuition, supplies, materials, and equipment. On top of that, you can expect tuition and fees to keep increasing by approximately 5 percent each year.

In Mexico, the government subsidizes a dentist’s education. Graduates perform service work instead of laboring under heavy student loans. They aren’t saddled with crippling debt upon graduation and they have a year of experience serving their communities. Dentists in Mexico do not have a pressing need to make as much money as possible in order to get themselves out of debt.

In the US, dentists are indoctrinated in the for-profit business model throughout their education. Upon graduation, they have had little to no experience in compassionate services and race out to the first practice that will hire them.

Venture capitalists transformed the dental industry in the US. Owners of dental clinics tend to operate them as a money-making greed machine with little care towards the affordability of the procedures. However, in Mexico, dentists run their practices as a patient-centered healthcare facility. This means dentists will be sensitive to issues such as affordability.

With so many factors affecting the low cost of operating a dental clinic and the focus on the patient, it makes sense that the savings of 70% or more over American practices.

All these reasons mean that you are saving on the same care you get in the US. More importantly, better care that was previously unaffordable will be well within your reach south of the border. Cheap dental care in Mexico is well within your reach.

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