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Great Teeth in Tijuana?! New Office, New Smiles.

First and foremost, Happy New Year! Everyone here at Coyote Dental, including myself, is wishing you a year full of …

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Do You Trust Your Dentist?

When you visit your American dentist, do you trust what they tell you? The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud says a …

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“You’re Going To MEXICO For Dental Care?”

This is my personal story about my trip to Mexico for dental care. I am not associated with any of the companies

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Why is Seeing a Dental Specialist in Mexico Better?

It is easier to see a specialist dentist in Mexico than in the US. Traveling to another country for healthcare

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Why Dentistry Is Cheaper in Mexico

There is a big reason why dentistry is cheaper in Mexico. You pay a lot less from the start and the savings

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Dental Tourism Mexico: Three Words that Go Together

“Dental Tourism Mexico” sounds like a contradictory message. Can you really have a good time

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